Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New and Necessary. What I keep in my purse..

This mini pouch is my new favorite size pouch...

I used to be the type to use the same shoulder bag everyday for months and months.  Now that I make them I am changing bags all the time, usually testing new styles, etc.  So, I end up transferring all my hand bag 'necessities' back and forth almost everyday.

I found the solution.. this mini pouch filled with all necessary items, you know the items that if I don't bring one day, that's the day I'll need a band-aid, or a little mirror, or a hair tie. 

I've also become addicted to the loose pocket concept.  My shoulder bag (currently a tote I've been testing for fall) is filled with different sized 'pockets' and pouches to keep everything organized, which really cuts down on 'rummaging' time. :)

These little pouches are nylon lined so they would also be great to keep extra make up in for an unexpected night out. Speaking of an unexpected night out, should that happen you have a festive little clutch ready to go!

The zipper pull is brass chain loop with a little brass bead detail. I have a very tiny vintage pouch with the zipper pull like this (where I got the idea) and I love it because I can kind of just hang the clutch from my finger when I am carrying it, instead of having a big wrist strap.

The delicate size and sparkles make these even elegant for a wedding, or party. There's just so many options with this one!

Here's what I am always carrying around:

counter clock wise:
1.Band-aids for all my blisters // 2. My rose blush pouch // 3. Mini version of my favorite face lotion (Jurlique balancing day cream is heaven) // 4. My favorite lipstick shade. I try so many different shades to be trendy or festive, but Clinique in heather moon with its silvery violet shade and lightweight texture always works for me // 5. I have lip balm tubes all over my house, and in probably every purse. I am an addict. My two favorites are Burt's Bees with mango butter and Fresh sugar rose // 6. For my dry eyes, if you wear contacts, you're familiar... // 7. Slip proof hair elastic // 8. Shell pill box I got in Florida one year; always filled with aleve, my go to pain reliever // 9. Love these Tums freshers, for indigestion and fresh breath! :) // 10. I use an old eye shadow case for the mirror // 11. Just in case // 12. If you know me, you know my phone dies all the time. (I'm bad about charging, it's annoying for everyone involved). I was so glad to find this back up charger at Jcrew! (I belive they have them for iphone 5 also.) 

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  1. Lovely little bags to make a girl feel special. I love little organizing bags in my purse, it makes life simple. Thanks for the links for the goodies :)


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